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Sherry Rum Raisin
2/3 oz Bacardi Rum, 2 1/2 oz Lustau East India, Garnish with Orange zest and Sherry spherification:, 200 grams of Sherry, 6.5 Grams of Gluco, 0.4 Grams of Xantham Gum, 2.5 grams Alginate, 500 grams of water. **Cocktail by Carlos Olarte of Jaleo in Washington, DC, Finalist of the 2008 Vinos de Jerez Cocktail Competition** Fill shaker with ice, add the Sherry, the rum then Shake and strained table side Garnish Assembly: Blend the Sherry and the gluco and allow to sit for two minutes. Next add the Xantham Gum and to the mixture and blend for 1 minute. Allow the liquid to sit in the refrigerator overnight and use a vacuum machine to extract all of the bubbles. Meanwhile, blend the alginate into the water, then add the sodium citrate to the mixture and blend for an additional minute. Allow this water mixture to rest in the refrigerator overnight or use a vacuum machine to extract all the air bubbles. With a deep, rounded tablespoon, scoop a spoonful of the Sherry mixture and carefully drop the liquid into the alginate water. Slightly agitate the submerged sherry to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the container. Allow the sherry to sit in the alginate water for 1 minute before removing it and rinsing it in plain water. Once rinsed, the Sherry may be stored in water with Sherry.

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