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Sherry Shrub
3/4 oz. House made Shrub (recipe below), 2 oz. La Gitana Manzanilla, Lemon Zest. **Cocktail by Neyah White of NOPA in San Francisco - Winner of the 2008 Vinos de Jerez Cocktail Competition** Shrub base: 1 quart fresh elderberries, trimmed from stems 1 cup fresh huckleberries 5 cups evaporated cane sugar 1 quart cider vinegar 1 oz. kosher salt 5 brown cardamon pods 1 oz. jigger of white pepper corns In a large bowl, mildly press fruit with bottom of shaker tin till every berry is at least bruised. Muddle spices in a mixing glass till all the corns are at least cracked. Add sugar, cover and let sit 5 hours or until a good syrup has formed (this should happen in a cool place, refrigerate if not available.) Add salt and vinegar and stir till salt has dissolved, cover and return to cool storage and let age for at least a week. Then filter successively through a china cap then a cheesecloth. Bottle in clean, sterile bottle leaving a few inches of air under the cap. It is now ready to use, but another week of aging allows for a deeper, more lingering flavor. Stir shrub and Sherry gently over ice and strain into a small, tight-lipped, sherry glass. Garnish with shave of lemon zest.

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