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Just Say No to Merlot!
Merlot is the buzz. It’s all the rage. It is the #1 fastest growing red grape varietal in consumption in America---again. No matter how they pronounce it, there is no getting around it---it has become today’s synonym for a glass of red wine. I will freely admit that it is a far cry from hearty burgundy, and surely you all must agree that it is better than the less-than-educated alternative. You can knock white sin all you like, but there is no question that it put the taste for varietals on the palates of Americans, which in turn, of course, has led to the battle cry of Chardonnay as the white wine of choice by the goblet. It is unheard of to think that Mountain Chablis has become Chardonnay to the consumer, but the glass of red has followed suit --- a lot of Merlot (common pronunciation), I’ll accept nothing less.

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