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Making People Happy
Let's talk about our customers for just a minute, shall we? Maybe more important, let's talk about how we have been treating our guests lately. Yes, I said guests...that's right,...more

It is no secret that I am a fan of Spanish wines, as I have now been preaching the gospel for over 20 years. I have nurtured a love affair...more

Some tips and theories for your own restaurant or bar
The day has finally come. You have been planning and preparing for days, weeks, months for the opening of your new place. You have tried to completely prepare for every...more

Espiritu de Mexico
The term Mezcal has for years been used to describe the entire category of spirits, or distillates, created from the roasted heart [pina] of the agave plant [maguey] made anywhere...more

Matching Spirits and Cocktails With Food
One of the most exciting trends in restaurants and bars today is the concept of matching spirits and cocktails with food. Not just bar snacks, but actually pairing a drink...more

Food Friendly Beverage Programs
Why do people dine out? We go out to dine because we want to experience food that we cannot cook at home. Of course, we also want to be served....more

Wines from Spain with Japanese Cuisine...?
The country of Spain is a study in diversity: a colorful tapestry of cultures, peoples, and cuisines. Just as diverse, are the wines made there, from the geography, topography, microclimates,...more

Vodka, my little water
Vodka, or “little water,” is the water of life of Russian, Eastern European, Scandinavian, and many other cultures, and is by definition, a neutral spirit that can be made anywhere,...more

Just Who is this Misunderstood Sherry?
Who is this misunderstood lass named Sherry? How can she be at once so popular, and yet so often disregarded, even disrespected, just plain dissed? We Americans do indeed love...more

Just Say No to Merlot!
Merlot is the buzz. It’s all the rage. It is the #1 fastest growing red grape varietal in consumption in America---again. No matter how they pronounce it, there is no...more

The Return to Flavor
Perhaps the most exciting development I have had the pleasure of witnessing over the past several years in the world of beverages is a trend visible throughout the industry, regarding...more

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